To prepare for future hot, humid days, look into an AC installation in Paradise Valley, AZ. There are different types of AC systems to choose from, like central AC units, mini-split ductless units, and portable units. Depending on the layout of your home, you’ll want to lean towards a different type.

HVAC technicians that provide AC replacement or installation services will inspect your home in person, so they can provide you with some insight as to what you need. They’ll consider how easy it is to install the different types of AC units, the capacity of each unit, as well as the size that is most suitable for your household needs.

Portable AC systems, for example, are the easiest to install; however, they do not have a huge capacity for cooling down an entire home. These units are usually reserved for cooling down specific rooms. Central AC units, on the other hand, do an excellent job at cooling down entire homes; however, they are much more time-consuming and complicated to install.