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Water Softening Services in the Greater Scottsdale AreaThe hard water in Arizona can wreak havoc on your home or commercial plumbing fixtures and systems. Chances are, if your home’s water treatment system is outdated, you rely not only on the best water descalers on the market but also on buying bottled water to provide your family with clean, crisp drinking water.

But what if we told you that with just one water treatment system, you could say goodbye to hard water and expensive bottled water?

At AC by J, we install the ultimate cure for hard water and chlorine problems: the Halo 5 system. This system softens and conditions your water without the use of chemicals, electricity, or a drain line.

Contact our team of water treatment professionals online or call us for free water analysis or to schedule an appointment to eliminate your Scottsdale home’s hard water today.

Why We Use a Halo 5 System for Water Softening Services

If you thought that all water softening treatments were created equally, think again! There are significant differences between traditional chemical water softeners and the Halo 5 system for water softening.

Halo 5 Water Softener

Traditional Chemical Water Softeners

Traditional chemical water softeners were developed in 1938 using resin and salt or potassium chloride for regeneration. Those chemical water softeners do not filter your water, they require the constant addition of salt or potassium to your water, and they remove vital minerals from your water.

The residual salt left in your household’s water can leave your skin feeling slippery or slimy-we often hear the complaint, “It feels like I can’t get the soap off.” Additionally, this salt-laden water can’t be used on grass or plants. These traditional systems require ongoing maintenance and repair costs, and they still leave many people purchasing bottled water for drinking and cooking.

The Halo 5 System for Water Softening Treatment

On the other hand, our Halo 5 whole house water treatment solution uses multi-reversing magnetic fields to condition water, as well as four stages of filtration to deliver great-tasting, chlorine-free water from every faucet, bath, and shower throughout your Scottsdale-area home.

The Halo 5 system effectively controls hard water problems without the use of chemicals. This system removes the contaminants from your water while leaving the minerals essential for human health, which also give your water taste. Like most mineral spring water, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, and leaves your hair feeling soft. It provides clean, great-tasting water from every faucet in your home. As for choosing what faucet you opt for, you have a number of different choices that we can work with. You’ll save money with this system, too, since no additional maintenance is required and you won’t need to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking.

The Right Water Softening Treatment for Your Scottsdale Area Home

The quality of the water you utilize in your home or business plays a very important role in your personal health. To achieve the best possible water quality, you need water treatment services that exceed expectations and deliver the absolute best treatment available. That is why looking into commercial water softeners may be the best option to offset hard water issues that can arise.

Our team at AC by J provides water conditioning systems that can:
  • Improve the taste of water in your home
  • Reduce existing scale and prevent buildup in pipes and on water-related equipment
  • Ensure your washing machines and dishwashers remain clean and scale-free
  • Stop hard water spotting on kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Protect your water heater from corrosion, adding years to its lifespan
  • Make your water saturate and clean better while using less soap or detergent
  • Improve outdoor soil percolation, eliminate standing water, and reduce salt loads in the soil for greener, healthier plants, and shrubbery
  • Reduce hard water spotting on fences, landscape lighting, windows, walls, walkways, pool decks, misters, sprinklers, and plants

If you’re looking for a hard water solution that will provide potable, safe, clean water for your Scottsdale-area home, our Halo 5 water conditioning system is the answer.

The hard water in Arizona can seriously harm your home or commercial plumbing fixtures and systems. It is important that you select the system suitable for your home, our systems protect water and plumbing systems in Arizona’s homes, farms, and businesses without the need for chemicals or regular maintenance.

Soften and purify the water in your home without the regular chemical or salt refills or pricy purification equipment. Contact our team of water softening specialists online or call AC by J today to learn more!

Water Treatment Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Should Choose AC by J for Your Water Treatment Services

We pride ourselves on building long-standing business relationships with our clients. To our team, your needs aren’t just our job, they’re our priority! AC by J guarantees customer satisfaction, and our experts won’t rest until your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

When you work with AC by J, you are guaranteed:
  • Fast Response Time – We’ll be there within three hours, every time.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – Day or night, we’ll be there to answer your call.
  • Skilled and Certified Technicians – Our team of specialists are specifically trained to provide high-quality work that will leave you satisfied.

We’ve been providing water treatment services for our clients in the Scottsdale area since 1983! Our team at AC by J is dedicated to excellence, from service to skill to the products we provide. Whatever your water treatment needs, you can come to AC by J for a solution. See what your neighbors are saying-check out AC by J’s reviews!

For high-quality water treatment services in Scottsdale, AZ, and surrounding areas, contact us online or give us a call today. It’s time to say goodbye to hard water in your home!

FAQ’s About Water Softeners

We recommend annual service on your water softening systems. Annual service ensures that all components are in good condition and that the settings are optimized for the size of your family and the conditions of your water supply. Ensuring your mineral tank, control valves, and brine tank are in good repair helps protect your system and preserve the quality of your water.

The average cost of servicing a water softener is around $450. However, this cost depends on the tasks that need to be performed. At the low end, the cost can be around $150, while at the high end it can come in around $750. Performing regular maintenance on your water softening systems can help keep the cost of servicing your system down.

There are two types of water softening systems. One uses chemicals to form an insoluble precipitate, and the other is by using ion exchange.

Ion exchange water softening involves removing the calcium, magnesium, and iron ions from the water. Ion exchange systems take the cations of calcium and magnesium and replace these with cations of a different substance, usually sodium chloride salt, or brine. This process requires passing the water through natural or synthetic resin which traps the hard minerals in the water. Every few days, the unit rinses the resin and flushes the trapped calcium and magnesium ions. On average, one cubic foot of resin is capable of softening roughly 3,000 gallons of hard water in your home.

Chemical exchange systems involve adding ammonia, borax, calcium hydroxide, or trisodium phosphate. These chemicals bind with the minerals in the water to form a precipitate which sinks to the bottom of the tank where they collect until flushed. As with ion exchange systems, the process is highly effective at softening the water in your home.

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