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Expert Sewer Inspection Services

Sewer Line Repair Services in Phoenix, AZA healthy plumbing system is one of the most important parts of a homeowner’s daily life. We rely on plumbing on a consistent basis-sometimes even hourly or more-and complications can present a huge delay in your comfort and home functionality, so when it fails you want to start looking for a sewer line cleaning service. Sewer lines, in particular, can create a lot of headaches for residents located in Phoenix, AZ. But with our sewer line repair team at your side, you need never worry!

The certified plumbing professionals at AC by J carry the tools with some of those being something similar to trench shoring boxes, the knowledge, and the dedication needed to ensure your plumbing needs are always covered. Sewer Line Inspections are required to uncover issues. When a problem arises with your sewer lines, we’re the name to know.

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What Is a Sewer Line?

The sewer lines in your home are essentially the “outgoing” lines. These are responsible for collecting and moving wastewater out and away from the home and into the city main, where it is taken to the appropriate facility.

You could technically call any drain a part of your sewer line system, though for the most part a plumbing repair such as a sink drain repair or similar service is classified a bit differently. Generally, when we’re talking about sewer line repair, we’re talking about the mainline that runs to the city sewer mains.

Signs Your Sewer Line May Require a Plumber

Since we’re primarily talking about an underground or unseen system, it can be a bit hard for a homeowner to determine if they need sewer line repair. But don’t worry, that’s what our plumbing experts are here for!

Sewer Line Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

There are also some easy and surefire signs that indicate at least a major plumbing issue, if not a problem with the sewer line:
  • Fetid pools and puddles in the yard. If you find sudden, unusual springs of puddling, foul-smelling water in the yard, there’s a very good chance that your sewer line is involved. Most commonly this will relate to damage to the line, either from roots or a break.
  • Slow-draining fixtures. If your bath, sinks, and similar fixtures begin to drain very slowly, the odds are good that there is a clog somewhere in the sewer line. This goes doubly so if most or all fixtures in the home are affected simultaneously.
  • Water backing up in drains. Water in your sinks or shower not going anywhere, or backing up when you make use of other fixtures? The signs are good that you are in need of professional plumbing service for your Phoenix sewer lines!
  • Gross smells from drains. Just like those nasty puddles in the yard, your in-home systems can be impacted as well. Clogs in the sewer line will quickly result in foul, dank odors coming from sink or shower drains.

Having problems, but not any of those listed above? Don’t stress, just call our plumbing team! With our cutting-edge diagnostics and years of experience, we can find and fix any problem, guaranteed. You should never have to live with funky, faulty plumbing! And if you’re having a serious problem that just can’t wait, our emergency plumbing repair team is always available!

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