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The Right Heating or AC Contractor Makes All the Difference

Replacing your air conditioner is generally a stressful purchase. Often, an emergency breakdown forces a quick decision about this expensive acquisition. Dealing with a typical contractor can add to the frustration and make the process more difficult. Choose the right contractor for your AC and Heating System. AC by J has highly trained, certified technicians to do the job right. In contrast, choosing the right contractor for your installation will provide you with a much more pleasant experience. From the initial contact through the quality assurance check, AC by J wants your experience to be pleasant and comfortable. Our dare to compare page contains a simple list of items that you should know about your Phoenix AC contractor before making this investment.

Value of Our Installation

The North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation, a non-profit organization, examined AC manufacturers’ efficiencies versus the actual efficiencies that result after installation; they found the following:

90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problem!

Other significant HVAC industry comfort & energy-related surveys reveal*
Duct Leakage (93%)
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Drafts and uneven temperatures
  • May DOUBLE the HVAC portion of the energy bill!
  • Uneven temperatures
Incorrect Refrigerant Charge (54%)
  • Increased failure rate
  • Reduced moisture removal
  • Equipment typically noisier
  • Could add as much as 17% to operation costs!
Oversizing of cooling equipment (47%)
  • Doesn’t run enough to wring out moisture
  • The air in sunlit & shaded rooms does not mix
  • Equipment typically noisier
  • Shorter equipment life
Incorrect Air Flow (70%)
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Poor moisture control
  • Noisy grills and registers
  • Could add as much as 10% to operating costs!
Your installation with air conditioning by J will be in the top 10%!

*Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University & Gulf States Utility, Lakeland Electric & Water, Pacific Gas & Electric, American Council for an Energy-Efficient, etc. These studies address at least one problem that a poor installation plays on comfort and/or energy cost. Occurrences have been averaged

AC Buying Tips

Before buying an air conditioner in Phoenix check out our tips for buying an air conditioner in Phoenix. Buying a new air conditioner in Phoenix can be a positive experience IF you know what to look for and who to trust. To ensure you are making the right decision on this significant investment, review some guidelines to help you make a well-informed decision.

The most important day of an air conditioner’s life is the day it is installed. A proper installation will mean a difference in efficiency, equipment life, and comfort. To be better informed, check out Dare to Compare for contractor comparisons or review our tips for selecting the best Phoenix area AC and heating contractor before making this important decision.

HVAC – choosing the right home comfort system:
  • Air Conditioner Efficiency Ratings – In general, when it comes to efficiency, the more efficient the unit, the more it will cost initially. However, a more efficient, therefore more expensive unit will actually save you money over time as it requires less fuel to cool your home. Watch for the Energy Star label and check the SEER & EER ratings of each MFG. For a more in-depth description of these ratings check out the AHRI page of our website.
  • Sound Ratings – Depending on the location of your outdoor (condensing) unit and the floor plan of your home, a noisy unit will either disturb you indoors or outdoors possibly destroying the peace and quiet in your yard, or interrupt your child’s nap.
  • Comfort Features – Some air conditioners come with additional features that provide greater comfort. Two-speed units can run on low-speed (using about 50% of the energy) 80% of the time. Consequently, they use fewer on/off cycles and produce fewer drafts and much smaller temperature swings.
  • Select the Correct Size – One thing you cannot forget is the size. If your unit is not large enough, you will be uncomfortable especially on hot summer days. If your unit is too large, it will not cycle efficiently which will cost you more, could reduce the life span of the equipment, and possibly leave your home humid. In other words, in order to achieve comfortable cooling and dehumidification, the system must be correctly sized. Have a heat load calculation completed to ensure your new system will be the proper size for your home/floor plan.
  • Warranty – Verify the systems manufacturer warranty. Also, ask about extended warranty options. Verify your system has the maximum coverage.
  • Manufacturers – Check out Phoenix AC and heating manufacturer’s page for more information about the brands we install.