Leak Detection in Phoenix, AZPlumbing issues in your Phoenix home frequently cause both alarm and considerable home damage. But not all problems are as dramatic as a gush of water or a burst pipe. Leaks are among the most damaging and costly problems, and they can often go unchecked for weeks, months, or even years. That’s why the certified plumbing specialists at AC by J offer complete leak detection services alongside our plumbing repair and maintenance!

For years the experts at AC by J have been offering the best in plumbing and home comfort services to Arizona clients. We utilize a combination of leading technology, extensive experience, and drive to bring our clients the best service and quality. When you’ve got a plumbing issue in your home, you can trust our team to ensure things are set right on time and on budget, guaranteed.

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Phoenix Leak Detection

Leaks come in a wide number of different types, from the small and unassuming to the outright torrential. Leaks can end up costing you a ton in boosted water bills and home water damage, and even larger leaks can go unaddressed for far too long. That’s where leak detection comes in as your number one method of finding and fixing issues early, saving you on stress and cost.

AC by J utilizes a vast array of trusted leak detection equipment including electronic detection tools, camera pipe inspection, and trained methods of finding a leak in order to nail down direct locations and causes as soon as possible. Once the problem has been found we can then provide a plan that best suits your unique needs, ensuring the service is as accurate and timely as possible.

Signs of Water Leaks

Signs You Need Leak Detection Services

As we’ve said, these leaks can often go unnoticed for quite a while, and in all that time you’ll accrue a ton of issues. But luckily enough a savvy homeowner armed with a bit of know-how can spot the signs early enough.

Watch out for:
  • Increases in water bills. A sudden or sustained jump in water bills is frequently the first sign for many homeowners. Typically water bills stay at a somewhat predictable range, and leaks cause notable spikes.
  • Signs of water damage. Keep watch for smaller signs like discoloration, sudden mold growth, and larger signs like floor or wall weakness.
  • Changes in water pressure. Leaks in the main water line will typically result in drops in your water pressure. Is your faucet losing some “oomph,” or are your showers not quite as strong as they were? These are strong indications of a leak!
  • Water pooling on the basement level. In most homes, a steady stream of leaking water, even a small drip, will eventually lead to odd puddles or moisture on the basement level. This is why we encourage homeowners to check around the basement on a routine basis.

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