Noticing a puddle of water around your water heater can be extremely stressful, if not simply frustrating. Water heaters are critical to a wide range of applications in your home, and no one wants to have them malfunction or leak. However, if it does happen, AC by J is here to make sure you know what’s happening and what you can do about it!

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What Causes a Cracked or Leaking Water Heater?

As your water heater gets older it stands to reason that you’ll encounter more problems with it. A leak caused by a crack is one of the more unfortunate possibilities, but it does happen every so often. The causes can include:

  • Excessive sediment accumulation. One of the primary issues with older water heaters is the buildup of sediment caused by natural minerals in the water. These minerals calcify and form deposits inside your water heater, which eventually causes enough stress to crack it.
  • Damaged internal components. Most water heaters rely on a simple set of heating elements, piping, and controls in order to operate. Damage to these, caused by either age or complications, can often lead to cracks that will result in a leak.
  • Tank rusting and corrosion. Tank corrosion only typically occurs when the water heater is quite old, usually coming up as an issue after ten or more years of service. It’s sort of an eventuality, which is why replacing your hot water heater on time is wise.
  • Pressure cracks on valves. There’s quite a bit of pressure present in a hot water heater, and this can cause a lot of premature cracking or leaking when the pressure gets too high. This can also happen from a simple washer or o-ring slip, which is an easy fix. If you’re wanting to replace your valves so they’re able to handle more pressure, you can find more information on 3-way ball valves and look into how they could benefit the condition of your water heater!

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Can the Water Heater Leak Be Repaired?

That typically depends on where the leak is coming from. A cracked or damaged water heater tank is almost always going to lead to a water heater replacement, whereas valve or drain line damage can often (almost always) be repaired.

It’s that tank issue you want to watch out for! This usually corresponds with water leaking directly underneath the hot water heater, so it’s relatively easy to spot if the problem comes up. Your best bet when it comes to tank cracks is to avoid them completely, which is why you want to control sediment buildup by seeking routine hot water heater tank flushes and consistent hot water heater maintenance.

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