We’re your trusted partners when it comes to reliable heat pump service in Glendale, AZ. Heat pumps are an innovative way to heat and cool your home when compared to a traditional HVAC system. When these devices are in heating mode, they transfer heat from the outdoors to the inside of your home rather than create it. Refrigerant treats the air and removes the heat, which is then transferred inside your home. These systems do not need an external fuel supply, such as gas or oil, to heat the air.

A heat pump is also able to offer a cooling mode during the summer months. While in this setting, the heat pump reverses the process and extracts heat from your indoor air. It then replaces the heat with cooler air after treating it with refrigerant. In either mode, a heat pump provides a consistent flow of air making for comfortable living conditions. The quiet nature of a heat pump is another great feature of this system as it tends to produce less noise when running than a furnace or air conditioner does.