Is a single flush just never quite getting the job done? The issue is annoying to be sure, and it can actually cost you a whole lot more in added water use than you might expect! What is causing your double-flush issues, and what can you do about them? Find out the answers by reading on while the experts at AC by J clue you in!

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The Common Causes of Flush Issues

You might be surprised (and a bit put out) to find out that there are actually quite a few issues that can cause this. A toilet is a simple enough tool, sure, but it depends on both your plumbing and the water coming into it to do its job, opening it up to additional possibilities when a problem arises. The most common causes of this problem will include:

  • Flapper issues. The flapper is easy to spot in the tank-it’s the rubber or plastic piece that fits over the flush drain. This part is responsible for keeping water in the tank until you flush, and if the flapper is damaged or worn out it will allow water to escape prematurely. No water in the tank means very weak flushing, typically leading to needing more than one flush. The good news is this is an easy fix; flappers are cheap and simple to replace.
  • The chain is too short. The chain lifts the flapper when you flush, and if it’s kinked or too short it’ll create the issues we discussed above. The problem is a little more annoying to fix if the chain is bad, so you might want to call in for plumbing repair on this one.
  • A clog in your line. Though a good bit less common, a partial clog forming in your drain line can lead to flushes cutting themselves off and not completing all the way. Drain cleaning is recommended in this case.
  • Hard water. Yes, hard water can cause flushing issues! It creates very poor water flow, which will often make the toilet act like it would if there were a clog. And if you’ve had hard water for a while, the odds are good that the hard water actually caused the clog. Luckily there are plenty of water treatment options available today, and you can actually reap a bunch of benefits from using them.
  • Low-quality low-flow toilets. Sometimes a deal just isn’t a good deal. Low-flow toilets are a great idea and an excellent way to reduce water use in the home. But since they’re low-flow, they’re also low-power, which can lead to incomplete flushes. This is why if you want to take advantage of a low-flow toilet you absolutely need to buy from a respected brand! If you’re looking for a new toilet then here are a few excellent choices for you to check out.
Toilet & Plumbing Repair in Phoenix, AZ

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