When the summer heat falls over the Phoenix area, many households get caught up in arguments over the air conditioning settings. The disagreements aren’t just about comfort, they’re about the cost too! The question is: what’s the best setting for your air conditioning temperature? That depends on whether you care more about keeping comfortable or keeping your energy bill under control.

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Recommended Thermostat Settings

Energy Star® states that for the best cooling and energy savings, the coolest you should set your air conditioning temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit-but that’s only when you’re at home and awake. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to match your air conditioning needs to your lifestyle. Try the following settings:

  • 78 degrees when you’re home
  • 85 degrees when you’re at work or away
  • 82 degrees when you’re sleeping

Depending upon your heat tolerance, you can experiment with the thermostat setting. There is a 3% savings on your air conditioning bill for every degree you raise the temperature. If you still aren’t comfortable at 78 degrees, lower the thermostat setting one degree at a time. Don’t forget to turn that air conditioning temperature up when you are at work you can save as much as 10% annually on energy by simply turning your thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day from its usual setting.

Something else you can do to save yourself some money on keeping your home cool is to look for the best portable air conditioner on the market. This way, you don’t need to turn on the whole AC system when you are only in one room. A portable AC unit uses less power than a built-in one so many people prefer them, especially if they only live in a small space and don’t want to spend money on an expensive AC system.

Another way to maximize the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning system and minimize costs is to use your ceiling fans when you’re in the room. Although ceiling fans don’t actually cool the temperature of the room, they make it feel cooler by circulating the air around the room. If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, run it while you’re sleeping for extra comfort. This will make the air feel about 4 degrees cooler than it actually is, which can make all the difference between tossing and turning and a good night’s sleep! Hinkley’s Lighting has an excellent store for ceiling fans in Scottsdale Arizona, this place has beautiful ceiling fans that can cater to your tastes and desired styles, adding one to your room for comfort and design. If you do opt for these types of ceiling fans, you will need them to be installed by a trained professional to make sure everything is fitted in the right place. Check out – www.myseelectric.com/ceiling-fan-installation-in-orange-county to see how they may be able to help you in your area.

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