Where Is the Main Water Shut-Off Valve?

July 17, 2017

The plumbing in your Phoenix home, while not all that complex, is quite impressive array of pipes, valves, and fixtures. This means that lots of… View Article

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How to Unclog a Drain with a Blow Bag

October 6, 2016

Looking for an Effective Way to Unclog a Drain? Try a Blow Bag! There are lots of ways you can unclog a drain. You can… View Article

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4 Signs You Might Have a Slab Leak

August 31, 2016

At the best of times, getting a slab foundation repair company to fix any issues with your house’s foundation can be a difficult process but… View Article

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The Lowly P Trap: A Plumbing Under Sink Lifesaver

August 18, 2016

If one looks at the plumbing under the sink, you’ll see a curved pipe affixed to the drain. In almost all instances, this pipe appears… View Article

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What’s the Optimal Temperature Setting in the Summer?

August 3, 2016

When the summer heat falls over the Phoenix area, many households get caught up in arguments over the air conditioning settings. The disagreements aren’t just… View Article

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Can Shading Your AC Increase AC Compressor Efficiency?

August 2, 2016

Is your air conditioner working too hard? If it’s sitting in full sun, the air conditioner compressor may be using more energy than it should… View Article

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Don’t Get Taken to the Cleaners by Unscrupulous Air Conditioning Companies

June 29, 2016

Whether you call it Summeraggedon or Heatapocalypse, unexpected record temperatures have swept through Phoenix and other Southwestern cities recently with no end in sight… The… View Article

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Arctic Blast – Tips to Lower Heating Costs

December 2, 2014

November 2014 was one of the coldest Novembers on record in the US because of the Arctic Blast. Thankfully, living in Arizona, we aren’t experiencing… View Article

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